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Breathing Under Water soundtrack
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What stops two people from being together? A third one. What stops one person from fighting for another? Nothing. Pedro lives in the suburbs, where he works with his father in a garage. Everyday he takes the bus downtown where he goes to school and meets his friends. It's summertime and they all go down to the river where they spend their free time or even their school time. Among joints, motorbike riding and swimming, everything seems to go well with this group of friends, until the moment when Pedro and his best friend find out that both of them like the same girl. Pedro finds himself inside a downward spiral, where everything around him seems to fall apart. Like a magnet attracts the iron, Pedro seems to attract problems, from the school until his relationship with his parents. This is the story of Pedro, who by having his head being pushed down so much learned how to breathe under water.
Gatunek: Drama, Thriller

Released on: 19 Feb 2000     Boxoffice: unknown

Alexandre PintoPedro
Joana CostaAna
Joel RodriguesJoão
Mário RodriguesFriend
Cleia AlmeidaFriend
Vítor NorteFather
Ana Paula SantosMother
Margarida LopesTeacher
Hugo TavaresBoy In The Room
Glória FerreiraPortuguese Teacher


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