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Angela's Eyes s01e09 soundtrack
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Episode title: Lyin' Eyes

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Hero - Featuring Vocals By Elin Carlson
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added on: 6 Apr 2020
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Angela's Eyes s01e09 About

Angela arranges for her brother Jerry to meet her boyfriend Dylan, but things are interrupted by a shooting involving an unexpected visitor from her past. Leo and Dozer hunt for the gunman with their only clue being the code word "bluebird," a reference to her first case with the FBI. Meanwhile, flashbacks reveal how Angela was recruited to join the bureau.
Gatunek: Drama, Action & Adventure
Countries: US
Released on: 16 Sep 2006     Boxoffice: unknown

Abigail SpencerAngela Clinton
Lyriq BentLeo Jetson
Joe CobdenDozer
Rick RobertsGene
Alberta Watson
Rick Roberts
Boyd Gaines
Paul Popowich
Bruce HunterDealer


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